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Everest Email Account Futures and Troubleshooting

The features for e-mil account at Everest Student Portal Website is:

  • Over 6 GB of storage.
  • Built-in chat with their classmates friends or family who all talk to your inbox.
  • Quick links allow you to access calendar or documents quickly without having to login again.

With your Everest Student Portal account, you will receive a number of other tools.

Google Calendar you can schedule your social and academic life, personal calendars, invite friends to events and meetings set up times with your classmates online.

Google Docs is great for working on projects of the group. You can share a document or a spreadsheet, you’re with your peers, and collaborate in real time from the comfort of your home or your dorm.

Find answers to frequently asked questions:

What is a student at my email;

  • Address e-mail address is new students.
  • Username is the username for the portal.

How do I get my e-mail?

  • Simply visit
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click the LOGIN

What are the characteristics of the new student e-mail;
New e-mail account you have more capacity (6,5 GB), is from any web browser and is equipped with telephone and mail clients using POP3/IMAP. Furthermore, will this e-mail account for life.

What will happen to my student account e-mail when I graduate?
You can access the portal student to student account your e-mail up to 9 months after completion of the access. After graduating a new connection method for the elderly access to their e-mail for students

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